March Madness Final Four Contest 2023 Rules

1. The contest opens at 9:00 AM ET on March 13th, 2023. It will close for entries on March 16th, 2023 at 12:30 PM ET. Submissions past the deadline will become void.

2. For each entry you have earned, you will make four picks on who you believe will make the Final 4.

3. All active players since September 1st, 2022 get 1 FREE entry.

4. Additional entries are earned for every $250 in net deposits (Deposits minus Payouts) since September 1st. (ie. if you made $2,000 in deposits during this time period and had $1,000 in payouts your net deposit is $1,000 and you would receive four additional entries).

5. Every correct entry will receive a bonus of $1,000. Bonus has no rollover.

6. The maximum that can be won by a single account is $1,000.

7. The maximum number of entries is 5.

8. You are not allowed to select the same Final Four picks twice or more or the additional entries will be voided.

9. Winners will be credited and contacted when the Final Four have been decided.

10. House rules and regulations apply. Must be 18+. Winnings are non-transferable. Anybody caught tempering or abusing the contest will be disqualified.