The more Entries you have, the better your chances to win the big prize!

Deposit more and get more chances to win your share of over $25,000...

Existing Customers who have been actively playing since January 1st 2015 will all receive 1 to 3 Free Complimentary Entries.

Existing and New Customers who deposit after February 11th 2019 will receive an entry for every deposit of $100 or more made during the two weeks before the start of March Madness.

Deposit $100 get 1 entry

Deposit $200 get 2 entries

Deposit $300 get 3 entries

Deposit $500 get 5 entries etc.

The above amounts are cumulative starting February 11th through the start of the tournament first round March 21st. For example, if you make two-$50 deposits before the start you will get 1 entry.

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